The solution: a home

Put housing first to end homelessness

We make that happen — one individual or family at a time.

Our strategy is based on one simple idea: the answer to homelessness is a place to call home.

Video by Ed Bewley on Vimeo.

It works.

The proof: 90% of people housed by the DRC are still housed after one year, 85% after two years–a result that’s better for individuals and the community as a whole.

Many other DRC solutions set the stage for housing by safeguarding hope and human dignity.

Today DRC solutions like these reach more people than ever through colocation, or sharing space with partner agencies. Partnerships extend our reach without the high cost of new facilities.

The DRC provides common-sense solutions to homelessness for individuals, families and communities touched by homelessness. Our proven process is simple: the DRC prepares, places and supports people experiencing homelessness in permanent housing linked with the help individuals and families need to emerge from homelessness as productive, healthy people.

We do all this by meeting fundamental human needs.

You can help. Give and help us put housing first to end homelessness, one individual or family at a time.