What Is Homelessness 2
definition homeless

Kid houseThey do not have beds to sleep in, or a place to keep their things, or a kitchen with food, or a bathroom where they can get clean. 

Cannot pay

Empty pocketsIt costs a lot of money to have a home, and some people do not have enough.

Any kind

Kid peopleMen, women, families, old people, young people, people with jobs, and people without jobs might not have a home.

cannot tell

Sometimes you may see people without homes wearing dirty clothes or they might smell bad. They might be sitting outside or standing on a street corner.

Other times, people without homes may be clean and neat, and you might see them and never know they don’t have a home.


car motelSometimes, people without homes sleep in their cars. Sometimes if they have some money, they might stay in a motel.

outside Sometimes, people who don’t have homes find places outside to sleep. Usually, they have to carry all their stuff around with them, all the time.


shelter 3A shelter is a place where people can sleep at night if they don’t have a home to sleep in.

Shelters usually have a lot of other people there, too. There are more people without homes than there are beds in shelters.

At a shelter, people can have dinner at night and breakfast in the morning, and they can also take a shower. But they have to leave during the day and take all their things with them.


bed foodSome groups run shelters where people can sleep at night. Some groups give food to people who don’t have homes.

needsSome groups give clothing and other things to people without homes.

we are DRC 2

kid apartmentWe help people without homes find places to live and help them pay for it.

needs 2We help them get food and other things they need, like furniture, pots and pans, and clothing.

doctorWe help them if they are sick or hurt and need help from a doctor.

talkWe even have people they can talk to if they are sad or scared, or if they have been hurt by someone mean.

you help

smileFirst, remember to always be kind. It is hard to not have a home, and sometimes people are mean to people without homes.

talk to grownupsTalk to the grown ups in your life about how you can help people who don’t have a home.

you collectYou can collect things people need, like toothbrushes or socks or blankets, and give them to a group who helps people without homes.

talk to others

If you hear someone saying bad things about people without homes, you can speak up!

you talk You can share what you have learned and help others understand that people without homes are just people who may need a little bit of help.

Your Turn

  •  What is your favorite thing about your home?
  • What are some reasons people might not have enough money for a home?
  • Do you think people without homes are different from the people you know?
  • Have you ever met someone who might not have a home?
  • What do you think it would be like to stay at a shelter?
  • What kinds of things might people need if they don’t have a home?
  • Could you collect things to help?
  • Who do you know that you could ask to share things?
  • What else can you do to help people without homes?

You can make a difference!