Critical Document Solutions

Returning people to full participation in society

Proving who you are can prove problematic.

In Texas, citizens need a state-issued identification card or drivers license to do many things, such as:
• Rent an apartment or house
• Apply for a job
• Open a bank account
• Apply for social services such as SNAP or Medicaid
• Vote
• Pick up prescriptions
• Visit your children at their school

But to get a state-issued ID in Texas, you’ll need:
• You original or a certified copy of your birth certificate

PLUS two more supporting documents such as:
• A Social Security card, military ID, or voter registration card.

How could you prove who you are if you had no birth certificate, no supporting documents, no money, and no address?

The DRC’s Critical Document Support team helps hundreds of people every year recover thousands of critical documents.

Our team is known for having:
• Relationships with issuing agencies in all 50 states
• Keen research and tenacious detective skills

The DRC is able to provide:
• Payments for document processing and mailing fees
• A mailing address for receiving documents

Identity matters.