Cypress Street Cafe

Cypress Street Café is a special kind of place. 

Just down the road, the sounds of smooth jazz, rollicking rock-and-roll, and R&B favorites drift through the night where toes tap, hands clap, and friends gather.

Featuring a variety of guest musicians, Cypress Street Café offers free live music and refreshments, out of the elements and into the groove.

Everyone is welcome at Cypress Street Café!


Where: The Transfer Center, 1100 E. Lancaster Ave (MAP) in “The Flag Building”

When: Every 4th Thursday of the month

What time: 6:30pm to 8pm

Late admission passes available for PNS and Salvation Army.

This Month’s Artist

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Pengwins

Mightily influenced by their brethren across the pond, The Pengwins are high octane British and glam rock ambassadors to their fellow Texans.


  • Cypress Street Café is a joint effort of the DRC and When We Love.
  • Musicians are booked through JMSings. If you’re interested in playing, please reach out to Jennifer! 
  • The Paradox Church provides baked goods, beverages, and friendship.