Cypress Street Cafe

Cypress Street Café is a special kind of place. 

Just down the road, the sounds of smooth jazz, rollicking rock-and-roll, and R&B favorites drift through the night where toes tap, hands clap, and friends gather.

Featuring a variety of guest musicians, Cypress Street Café offers free live music and refreshments, out of the elements and into the groove.

Everyone is welcome at Cypress Street Café!


Where: The Transfer Center, 1100 E. Lancaster Ave (MAP) in “The Flag Building”

When: Every 4th Thursday of the month

What time: 6:30pm to 8pm

Late admission passes available for PNS and Salvation Army.

This Month’s Artist

Thursday, October 24, 2019



  • Cypress Street Café is a joint effort of the DRC and When We Love.
  • Musicians are booked through JMSings. If you’re interested in playing, please reach out to Jennifer! 
  • The Paradox Church provides baked goods, beverages, and friendship.