2019 Summer Water Drive

“102 in the shade”

Every Texan knows exactly what that feels like.

Now imagine you have no escape from the heat, no A/C, no cool home to go to. Imagine being out in it all day. Sleeping in it. Only to wake up in it again. Day after Day. Night after night. All summer long.

For those in our community without homes, this is not imaginary. It is everyday life.

Help people experiencing homelessness stay hydrated. Your simple bottle of water could save a life.

Donate Bottled Water

Drop off bottle water donations at:
1100 E. Lancaster, Fort Worth, TX
Please call first to arrange a day and time! 817-810-9797

What else is needed?

People experiencing homelessness during the summer also need:
• Sunscreen   • Bug Off   • Hats with brims   • Cooling neck wraps 
The DRC is happy to share these items!
Simply include them in your collection, and drop them off with the water.

Volunteer Opportunity

Water unloaders and hander-outers!
Shifts available Monday thru Friday
8am to 12:30pm -or- 12:30pm to 5pm
Need 2 to 4 people per shift
Must be 16 or older. (Even with a parent. Insurance reasons.)
Email give@drc-solutions.org for more information.

Make a Financial Donation

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Become a Fundraiser

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No time to shop? Send us something from our Amazon Wish List!Need to speak with someone?
Contact Liesl Manone at 817-575-7948 or give@drc-solutions.org.

Thank you!