Give a real homecoming

 Help the DRC stock the pantry and linen closet for each family or individual who escapes homelessness through DRC housing solutions. 

New householders are more likely to succeed in putting the streets behind them when they set up housekeeping with all the essentials of kitchen, bed and bath.

Choose individual items, full kitchen, bed or bath sets, or buy a complete household package.

Kitchen & Pantry

Home-cooked meals are healthier and more economical for families on limited budgets, but these take more than groceries. Help new households get cooking with pots and pans, kitchen utensils and dinnerware when you give individual items or funds to purchase them, or sponsor a complete Kitchen & Pantry package.

  • Cook Set: a 15-piece cook set, including utensils and a baking sheet, provide the tools to prepare healthy home-cooked meals: $50
  • Dishes, flatware and little extras: a 16-piece set of dishes in white, a 20-piece set of flatware, an economical platter, salt and pepper shakers, butter dish are must-have items: $75
  • Set of four coffee mugs: $20
  • 5-cup drip coffeemaker: $15
  • 12-piece glass tumbler set: $15
  • A pound each of coffee, flour or baking mix, sugar, butter or shortening, and salt, pepper, cooking oil: $45
  • A $50 discount store gift card for perishables and other groceries
  • Paper towels help keep kitchens clean and healthy, and aluminum foil and cling wrap keep food fresh: $35
  • Kitchen towels, mixing bowls, measuring spoons and cups, paring knives make it all come together: $40
  • Cutting board: $10
  • Trash can $15

Complete kitchen and pantry: $370


  • Two sets of bath, hand and face towels: $50
  • Shower rug and non-slip tub mat: $50
  • Soap dish and bath soap: $15
  • Toilet brush and plunger, toilet cleaner: $20
  • Shower curtain
  • Trash can: $15

Complete bath set: $165

Bed Linens

  • Two sets of sheets and pillow cases: $30
  • Two fleece blankets, one for summer and second for an added layer of winter warmth: $30
  • Bedspread: $25

Complete bed linens: $85

All around the house

  • A simple sweeper and package of dust wipes: Cost $50.
  • All-purpose household cleaning solution, sponges, mop and bucket, broom and dust pan are basic: $35

All around the house set: $85

 Complete household set: $705






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