VAP_logo_RGB (2)Vital services, ranging from critical documents support to the groundbreaking Victims Advocacy Project. set the stage for housing and safeguard health and human dignity.

Critical documents support opens doors to housing and employment by helping people reclaim their identity with legal documents like drivers’ licenses. Hear Bobby’s story to understand just how important legal identification is for people seeking a way out of homelessness.

The Victim’s Advocacy Project promotes justice for all. Our advocates help homeless victims of violent crime seek justice, find shelter and heal.

MHMR_HCC_Logo-2-1024x635Room in the Inn, a ministry uniting the DRC and volunteers at more than 20 churches, opens houses of worship for weekly overnight shelter in seasons of greatest need and helps people experiencing homelessness reestablish community ties.

The Healthy Community Collaborative, an alliance led by MHMR of Tarrant County, is expanding outreach, housing, and other help for individuals and families experiencing homelessness who live with mental health or behavioral health challenges.


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